Holly Jolly Candle

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Formerly 'Holly Jolly Holiday'

Picture this: Your favorite holiday songs are playing, you're enjoying your eggnog or cider beverage, and you're in the company of friends and family. The only thing missing is our Holly Jolly candle. It smells like all the best parts of the winter holiday season.

Our seasonal candles come with a crackling wooden wick, creating a relaxing ambiance while still burning clean.

Top Notes: 
Mixed Fruit, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg
Core Notes: Juniper
Base Notes: Vanilla Musk, Gingerbread

Burn Time: 45-50 hrs.

Customer Reviews

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A.M. (San Antonio, US)
Strong throw, unique, different

For this specific candle: This is one of the most intense candles I’ve tried from Kajaco, I feel like the throw was 200 ft, I could smell it when in different rooms. For me, that was awesome, but you should double check the description and make sure you like all the notes listed. To me, it really was a great Christmas candle and set a strong holiday mood.

Review for all Kajajaco candles: I’ve owned over 20 candles from this company and have gifted over 15 to others. The quality of each candle is consistent, and I corroborate that with proper candle care (trim wicks) each candle actually gives a Burn Time: 45-50 hrs. I work from home and burn candles during work, and one candle takes over a week to burn. These candles are small but have strong throw, I’d estimate you can smell 100 ft away. They easily fill large rooms with scent in 15 minutes after lighting, and after blowing out, I can still smell their effect about 2 hours later. Finally, I will disclose that I’ve been friends with the company owner a few years. I have purchased every candle with my own money and this is my honest review.

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